what we offer




Our team of more than 36 specialists in mechanics, bodywork, painting, electricity, upholstery, and spare parts can carry out a complete “Premium Restoration”, in a period of between 10 to 15 months with a total of 1,500 to 3,000 hours of work in our own workshops, all of them under our full supervision and a total commitment to quality control in each process.

Our big difference is that all the phases of the process of our Premium restoration are carried out entirely in our 10,000m2 facilities, so the quality control and supervision of the works is total.

The process starts with a meticulous disassembling and stripping of the whole car, inspecting all its components, down to the bare body shell and/or chassis.

The original car to start the project with is always a rust free and straight car, as complete as possible to guaranty the originality of some important parts, such as the interior wood panels or the bumpers which could be a lower quality when remanufactured. Cars are sourced in places like California or other favorable dry climates (lack of salt used on roads during winter)



Fully sandblasted, back to bare metal. Welding and repairs where necessary. Bench alignments checking. New rust-proofing treatment, epoxy painted.

Body Shell

Sandblasted and removing of all old paint and rust, back to bare metal, panel work where necessary, new rust-proofing treatment. two pack material painting, hand polishing.


Meticulous preparation. High quality primmer. “Glasurit Classic Car Colors” First-class products. Hand polishing.


High quality triple chrome process. (Copper, nickel, chrome).

Interior Wood Trim

Strip off of old lacquers and checking of original wood for lifting and cracks. Reconstruction of deteriotated areas. New high quality veneer. Polish to a high shine.


Reconstruction of seat structures. All new trim with A-grade hides, new headlining, new seat foam kits and carpets. Everything matching original paterns. Modern materials for sound insulation.

Weather equipments

Hood frame reconstruction and adjustments. New high quality hood & covers (Mohair, Everflex…). All original colors available.


New complete electrical wiring loom. Electronic ignition. Electrical fan kit. “HP Facet” o “SU electronic” fuel pump. Rebuilding and calibrating of all gauges, instruments and controls. New switches. Rebuilt or new electrical components (Dynamo, Alternator, Starter motor, Wiper motor etc…)


Front and rear suspension fully rebuilt. All parts stripped, sandblasted and treated. New bearing, trackrods, bushes, silent-block. New shock absorber, “Koni Classic” o Spax (if telescopic type).


Fully rebuilt, new pistons, master cylinders, pump, disc, drums, pads… Up-rated on request.

Gearbox / Transmission

Fully rebuilt, Laygear control, new bearings and synchro rings. Propshaft balancing and new U joints. Full rebuilt of differential.


Fully rebuilt. Electrically powered or modernized on request


New quality Stainless system. Available in Big Bore with special manifolds.


Chrome or Stainless quality wire wheels. Avon, Dunlop, Michelin or Pirelli tyres. New Borrani wheels as an option.


Complete strip down, thorough cleaning and inspection. Remanufactured to Manufacturer Standard. Cooling system pressure tested. Fully balanced. Unleaded fuel conversion.

Body seals

All new including windscreens and grommets.

  • 5 speed gear box
  • Modern 4 speed automatic gear box
  • Electric Power steering and modern rack and pinion
  • Air conditioning
  • Modern ergonomic electric seats.
  • Head rest
  • Electric windows
  • Central locking
  • Electronic fuel injection
  • Fog or spot light
  • Special wide aluminium or wire wheels
  • Borrani aluminium wheels
  • Oil cooler
  • Vented brake disc, modern servo assembly
  • Aluminium radiator, improved water pump
  • Special and custom trim or interior woodwork


An authentic classic car you really can count on for long jorneys and intensive use.
The warranty of a state-of-the-art restoration with the Auto Storica “Premium Certificate”
An excellent investment. A lot of fun and driving pleasure.
  • Engine, gearbox, transmission, mechanical : 1 year.
  • Paint, Rustproof, trim : 3 years.
All “Premium” restored vehicles are always delivered with the following
  • A mechanical warranty certificate.
  • A mechanical warranty certificate.
  • A paint – rustproof warranty certificate.
  • A detailed “Premium” restoration process report certificate.
  • An identification plate fixed on the body (Close to the manufacturer).