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Corvette C1

Make: Chevrolet         Model: Corvette C1            Year: 1962

Color: Red                    Interior: Red

Engine: V8 327            Transmission: Manual 

This 1962 model is the last year of the C1 and is equipped with some of the improvements introduced in the next C2 generation.The small block 327 cid V8 engine and the design on the back are the same as the 1963 Sting Ray will carry. The removal of some moldings and chrome finishes from the car design give it the sportiest image of the C1.This unit comes from the state of Illinois, USA with ,now, Belgian registration. The general condition of the car is very good for a “driver” car but it’s not a concours. The fiberglass body has no bumps or cracks and the paint has a bright red Roman Red original. The chrome parts are in a magnificent condition and the unique “dog paws” of the windshield, almost always damaged are in this case impeccable and without defects.The interior upholstery with the original color, pattern and material in the dashboard , the carpets and the door panels are still in very good condition with patina. The top is in white and all the frame and vinyl are OK. This 62 Vette is mechanically revised and equipped with the legendary “Small Block” V8 327CID /250 HP with a 4 bbl carburettor and an aluminium radiator with closed cooling reservoir. The car options included the very attractive 4-speed “Syncromesh” gearbox. The brakes, the suspension, the steering and the complet chassis are in excelent condition giving a confident , powerfull and easy handling for a 58 years old sport car.

  • 82.000 Km
  • 10/1962
  • 250 CV

79 500 €