Mercedes-Benz 250 CE

Ex George Harrison - The Beatles

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128kw (174 hp)



Car body





George Harrison owned several Mercedes-Benzes throughout his life, but the first of them was this metallic red 250 CE coupe. Apparently, he bought it from his own father and had it for only two years, between 1979 and 1981, and then sold it to his cousin Paul. But some information suggests that it was the lead guitarist of the Beatles himself who purchased the new car by registering his father Harold Heargraves Harrison as the owner, whose name appears in theservice book (several notes in that book indicate that the car was maintained by George’s company, Harrisongs Ltd).
In August 1989, the 250 CE was auctioned by Christie’s at its Pop Sale and was awarded to Mark Hayward, director of Vinyl Experience. But he only had it for one year, as in autumn 1991, the car arrived in Barcelona to be offered in the Fira del Disc de Col·leccionista, organised by the music journalist Jordi Tardà. Although there were no bids, after the exhibition the businessman Manel Roures, owner of the Nou Disc shops, paid the initial price and has kept it in his collection of rock memorabilia for almost three decades.
All the documentation that attests to the story is available at the request of the interested buyer.

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