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Brough Superior

Brough Superior motorcycles, sidecars, and motor cars were made by George Brough in his Brough Superior works on Haydn Road in Nottingham, England, from 1919 to 1940.

The motorcycles were dubbed the “Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles” by H. D. Teague of The Motor Cycle newspaper.

Anglo Parts

Anglo-Parts was established in Belgium in 1982 and has been expanding ever since. Today Anglo-Parts also stocks parts for Austin Healey, Jaguar, Land Rover Defender and Morris Minor and has 12 branches spread over 11 countries. A brief history and useful information can be found behind the links here below.

Borrani wheels

Borrani Wire Wheels-Since 1929, Ruote Borrani Milano have been producing aluminium rimmed wire wheels for the world’s most exotic cars.